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Chicago Loop Collaboratory Lunch

  • May 09, 2017
  • 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM
  • Correa Law, 225 W. Washington St., 22nd floor, Chicago.


  • One time only discounted first meeting fee.
  • This is a one time fee waiver offered to someone considering becoming a member and they have already attended once as a guest.

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Chicago Loop Collaboratory Lunch
(Bring your own lunch & beverage)

Heart and Mind: where to strike the balance?

The Zone Of True Professionalism:

Many of us on the journey to mastery recognize an inescapable conundrum.

In working with clients, we pride ourselves on our skills with the “soft stuff” – and even brag knowingly that the “soft stuff” is often the “hard stuff” – but what about the technical stuff?  Do we leave it in 2nd place – and if so, how far behind? 

The same paradox reappears elsewhere: in our work places, with our families – and even in our Collaboratory.  Sometimes lack of focus on mechanistic rigor can undermine lofty goals as well as love and respect -- just as much as over-emphasis.  

Is there a sweet spot between visionary idealism and grounded detail? How do we find it in the moment?

Join us at our May meeting to advance your skillset: how you can better think – and act – to enjoy both greater results and sustainability. 

Bring your insights, your questions, your joys, frustrations, and both your heart and mind to play full-on in our peer-to-peer discussion.

Our embedded experts include our members:

Cathy Carroll

Kathy Brown

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