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Chicago Loop Collaboratory Lunch

  • December 12, 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:45 PM
  • Correa Law, 225 W. Washington St., 22nd floor, Chicago.


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Chicago Loop Collaboratory Lunch
(Bring your own lunch & beverage)

Do Beneficiaries Get a Seat at the Table?

Looking at trusts under the proposed new Illinois law and where and how beneficiaries should be involved.


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There is a battle playing out in Illinois between those carrying the flags of the grantor and those for the beneficiary.  

The wavers of the beneficiary flag are the drafters of the Uniform Trust Code, whose declaration is that every trust must benefit the beneficiary.  

On the side of the grantor are the drafters of the proposed Illinois law, who cry that no consideration should be paid to the interest of the beneficiary.

The draft law is now sitting in committee in Springfield.

What is your take on this law? How will it impact your practice – and your clients?

Is it a question of either/or – or is it possible to find a third path?

Join us in Chicago on December 12th and on the Northshore on December 19th.  

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        11:30 am: Networking

        11:45 am: Call to order & Introductions 

         noon: announcements & reports

        12:15 pm: Topic

         1:45 pm: Adjournment

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