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Using Trusts to Educate the Next Generation - VIDEO

March 31, 2014 8:56 PM | Daniel P. Felix (Administrator)

In this video, members of the Chicago Trustee Collaboratory address a few key issues around the opportunity of using a trust to both educate the next generation and promote their maturity.

This is one of the points raised by Kathy Wiseman in Chapter 2 of "Trustworthy"  - and one of 10 key points the Collaboratory identifies in the book.

The Collaboratory’s insights include:

  • Using this opportunity well is key to helping the family flourish.
  •  The family should be accepted and worked with from wherever they are at. 
  • The rule of thumb of 3 parts qualitative to 1 quantitative applies. 
  • Work with meaning, context and alignment
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