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Using Trusts to Educate The Next Generation - VIDEO

July 01, 2014 4:00 PM | Daniel P. Felix (Administrator)

In this video, the Chicago Trustee Collaboratory addresses a few key issues around the benefits of a triangle family system. 

The Collaboratory’s insights include:

  • This is NOT the same as the concept of triangulation.
  • This recognizes the trustee as spark-plug to help ignite good things in the family.
  • Goal of the trustee: to bring the beneficiary from dependence to interdependence to independence.
  • Important to accept and work with the beneficiaries from where they are at.

    This is one of the points raised by Kathy Wiseman in Chapter 2 of "Trustworthy" - and one of 10 key points the Collaboratory identifies in the book written by her and Hartley Goldstone.

    View the video  here.
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