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Framing the Question -- Problem versus Desired Outcome

May 19, 2015 9:00 AM | Daniel P. Felix (Administrator)

Too often, the questions we ask don't necessarily elicit the response required or desired, nor do they allow us to drill down to the core issues that are troubling a client.  

Frustration, added time, unhappy clients or families and ineffective solutions or unresolved matters may be the result.

The learning of the Chicago Trustee Collaboratory: The frame used around questions leads to dramatically different responses.    

Specifically, the use of an outcome-based frame tends to elicit more helpful and deep responses, than those questions that frame around the problem.

Further, the technique of allowing the interviewee not to answer questions, but simply to rate the questions helpfulness toward discovering the problem added another powerful tool.

For the full report on our two-month exploration of this issue, click here:   problem v. desired outcome - it's in the asking.pdf

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