Helping Families Flourish



"Family Wealth"  -   "A family's wealth consists primarily of its human capital (defined as all the members who make up the family) and its intellectual capital (defined as everything that each individual family member knows), and secondarily of its financial capital."  
~James E. Hughes, Jr.

"Generative Trustee" - "The Generative Trustee is a new paradigm for trustees and the families they serve. The concept of the Generative Trustee grows out of the belief that a trust should be an enhancing influence in the lives of beneficiaries rather than merely a family ATM machine. The Generative Trust Advisor responds to the desires of families that their entire advisory team will be focused on generativity and support the flourishing of each family member."   ~John A. Warnick.

"Trustscape" - "Our term trustscape describes a subsystem within the larger family system.  Members of the trustscape are those connected by a trust agreement - trust-creators, trustees, beneficiaries, trust-protectors, committees, and their advisors." ~ Hartley Goldstone.
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